The Rhetor News Team

Lorenzo Santos

Founder and CEO


Lorenzo graduated from King George High School in 2007. In 2008, he entered the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island, and in 2009 he attended the Marion Military Institute. In 2013, Lorenzo graduated from the United States Naval Academy, and reported for duty on the guided-missile destroyer, USS Oscar Austin. 


In the Navy, Lorenzo participated in operations including anti-piracy efforts and multi-national exercises.


Lorenzo left naval service in November 2016 and became the New England territory manager for DuraVent, a leader in the field of venting manufacturing, When Lorenzo was promoted to be North Central regional sales manager, with a territory spanning from the Dakotas to Michigan, he moved to Racine, Wisconsin, where he now lives.


Lorenzo believes that if we create opportunities for people to engage with one another in a respectful environment, we can reverse the mounting march to incivility. The lessons of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. teach us that peaceful engagement can achieve results. Change does not come overnight, but with a commitment to the work required, they will be achieved. 

Lorenzo founded Rhetor as a way to bring together people with disparate views at a time when the norm seems to be to demonize those with whom you disagree. Instead of criticizing news outlets that have a biased or sensationalist agenda, Lorenzo's goal is to provide an alternative, as well as to create opportunities for future generations  to engage with one another in a meaningful way through face-to-face events. Lorenzo knows how daunting building Rhetor will be, but he has confidence in his team, looks forward to the challenge, and knows it's worth it.  

Ulla Pinion

Chief Financial Officer

Ulla Pinion holds a bachelor’s degree  in business administration with a focus on finance and a master’s degree in jurisprudence with a focus on compliance. She has worked in the field of compliance for the past 15 years for a large national company. 


Ulla is an active member of her community, participating in the NAACP's Health and Civic Engagement committees, as an officer of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women - Milwaukee Chapter and as a member of the board of directors for a local nonprofit.

Ulla recently joined the Rhetor leadership team. She is excited by the idea of a forum dedicated to discussing the issues of the day where accuracy and non-bias are prioritized so that consumers can be confident about the validity of the information they are receiving.


In today’s world, where misinformation is a wedge that drives divisiveness, Ulla sees this as a necessary first step towards bridging the divide and making civil discussion possible.

Nicholas Erickson

Chief of Rhetoric 

Nicholas began his career as a journalist and blogger, delivering ideas to the campus community in Saint Cloud, MN. As an undergraduate, he studied media law and ethics, media convergence, public relations and advertising. Then he began studying, tutoring and teaching rhetoric, because he believes that it is a skill that everyone would benefit from learning and improving. 


Nicholas is a part of Rhetor because of its mission to produce quality content and equip as many people as possible with the skills, tools and support they need to present their ideas effectively to any audience. He believes that improving the way individuals communicate and share information will create a better community and will help build a culture of open dialogue. 


Because social media plays a pivotal role in the way we share and receive information, Nicholas was excited to join the Rhetor team as Chief of Rhetoric, using his journalism and rhetoric background to drive the quality of the content and become a leader in the civilian journalism revolution.


In his spare time, Nicholas enjoys being an uncle, pondering ideas of philosophy and  psychology, playing music, and exploring the world of craft beer with his close group of friends. 

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