Rhetor exists to raise the level of debate and discussion around important issues between people of differing perspectives by providing objective original digital media content, engaging transpartisan events and a platform dedicated exclusively to consuming and reacting to the news of the day.  




Rhetor is committed to changing the way we react to and interact with the news.



Rhetor believes that decent and reasonable people can disagree on important issues. We believe rigorous debate and discussion in a positive environment can help achieve clarity on the most important questions of our time.  


Intellectual Honesty: Encourage others to keep an open mind and seek truth over passion.


Historical Context: Allow past events and research to serve as evidence in current arguments.


Common Reality: Reject echo chambers and seek common ground where it can be found.

Spirit of Respect: Engender fair and courteous engagement between people of disparate views.

The Logo

The R is for "The Rhetor" and the responsible rhetoric that we all should employ as informed citizens in our democracy.

The globe shows that we are committed to raising the level of debate not just nationally, but globally as well.

The figure symbolizes that the burden of accurate and accountable journalism is the responsibility of all.

Gold represents the standard that we should seek in our information and discourse

Purple denotes our non-partisan character and our desire to encourage those from differing views to seek common ground.


© 2020 by Rhetor,LLC. 

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