We are in a time where our national discourse is taking a turn for the worst. The politicians in Washington are tripping over themselves to score cheap politics points, meanwhile those of us who sent them there are waiting for policy solutions that show no signs of materializing.


The goal of Rhetor is to raise the level of debate! We are going to change the way we react to and interact with the news on a daily basis. We are going to do what the politicians in Washington can't seem to do. We are going to talk to each other instead of past each other. The challenges we face are too great to face them in our own echo chambers. We won't always agree, but we have to learn to meet in the middle.

We will counter misinformation and bridge the growing partisan divide in our country. 

The way we do that is simple. 

We stay informed, we engage each other respectfully and we make policy that will effect positive change. Simple isn't always easy, but when there is so much gridlock in Washington we need to go back to the basics. 

Please join us on our mission to improve the State of the Union one conversation at a time, one event at a time. 

Thank you! 

Lorenzo J. Santos

Founder - Rhetor

I am passionate about the news and freedom of the press. I am looking forward to having as many substantive conversations about the issues as possible and changing the way we react to and interact with the news, then doing something to put that knowledge to work.  Informed activism is how we change the future. Let's do it together! 

© 2020 by Rhetor,LLC. 

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