Be Informed

We are in an era where infinite amounts of information are at the tips of our fingers at all times. We are able to learn things at such a speed thought unimaginable before. But we are only as good as the information we consume. It's important to reference the right sources to structure your world view. Bias in the media has grown to an all-time high and it's hard to discern which sources are willing to present the facts rather than cater to a selected interest. The news should be neither conservative nor liberal, it should be factual.

Rhetor aims to become such a source of news with your help. 

Be Engaged

Something we all should have learned at an early age is respect for one another. Unfortunately, people think its okay to treat each other with disrespect when we may disagree on issues. That's simply unacceptable behavior for adults. We have serious issues that must be confronted. We have to work together to tackle the challenges of the future. We won't always agree on how to go about it, but we need to start with a spirit of respect and do our best to work toward our common goals instead of clinging to our differences.

Rhetor aims to provide quality opportunities for respectful discourse about issues that matter that can translate into meaningful public policy for all Americans. 

Be Involved

Passive citizenship is the surest way to living a future you want no part of. Many times we find ourselves with elected leaders who are able to stay in the job simply because voters were asleep at the wheel. We cannot simply be satisfied with crying foul to politicians when things are going wrong. We as the electorate put them there and it is up to us to decide if they get to stay. We also have a duty to do what we can as Americans to work together for a brighter common future whether in an official capacity or not. The title of voter is more powerful than that of any elected official if you are organized and have a plan. Progress doesn't require a political office- just Americans who are willing to roll up their sleeves towards a common goal.


Rhetor aims to be a platform to highlight and sponsor the work of movements that can be used for the benefit of all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. 

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